Scene Management in Unity

Scenes are one of the main concepts in the Unity engine. Let's check out this cute scene management system I built for my game.

Impractical Random Number Generators

Computers are bad random number generation. I want to help. Let's build a few way to extract entropy from the environment and start generating some numbers. Will it be a Tamagotchi colony? A Twitter spam bot? A dice shuffling robot? Or all of the above?

Time Travel in Unity

New video out, it's about time. Time rewind more specifically, like you find in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, or Braid, or many other cool games that utilize this concept as a game mechanic or as part of their story. Let's see if we can make it work.

Welcome to 3D World

While making a game with isometric 2D graphics, we need 3D physics. We'll explain how we detect collisions and fake a 3D world in order to make the game work.

Painterly Realtime Rendering

Join me in this disastrous adventure as I try to make a real-time painterly rendering filter for a video game, there will be brushes, there will be compute shaders, there will be tears. Fun times all around.

Just Boids

Boids are cool! I like seeing flocks of birds in video games, or schools of fishes swimming around. Join me in attempting to not thermal throttle my computer while putting as many "bird-oids" as possible on screen!

Cheating at Countdown

I’m tired of being bad at Countdown’s letters game. I need to write some code and become the best countdown player, even if it means wearing a computer on my person! I want that teapot!

Simulating Chladni Plates in Unity

Dive with me into the world of Chladni plates and the weird sand pattern they create. Will my GPU catch on fire? There’s only one way to know!

Moebius Style Rendering

It’s shading time. Watch me try to make a shader that renders real-time 3D in the hand drawn style of Moebius. There be crosshatch, outlines, sobel filters, we’re in for a bumpy ride.

Crushing Minesweeper

Minesweeper was a significant part of my childhood. I did not understand any of it and played mostly at random. Today, it is time I take my revenge on the game that has haunted me all those years.

A Weird VR Musical Instrument

VR Instruments are doomed to fail until we get VR controllers that give the feeling of touching tangible objects. But what if there was an instrument that doesn't require physical contact?

Many Dominos

How many Dominos can Unity’s physics engine handle? How many Dominos can I handle? Is the plural Dominos or Dominoes?

I let an AI design my couch

I’m moving into a new flat. I need a new couch. The couch needs to fit into my apartment. Maybe asking a computer to design the shape of the couch was a bad idea.

A Game about Gears

Gears gears gears. I like gears. They’re an interesting mechanical thing, and I believe they could be an interesting thing in a video game, gameplay-wise. So let’s try to implement gear transmission in Unity and make a puzzle game out of it!

ASCII Renderer

ASCII renderers are cool. Using characters to render stuff is cool. Can we do it in Unity, and how does it fare in video games?